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Petition to Chuck Mangione Regarding Out of Production Albums and Performances
Click Here to Watch the Petition Promo Featuring Selections from "Live From Wolf Trap"
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Whereas Chuck Mangione, for over 50 years, has stirred the hearts of lovers of music and lovers of jazz in particular; and, whereas Chuck's fans desperately wish that previously released out-of-production titles on LP and CD were still readily available; we, the undersigned fans and friends of Chuck Mangione humbly and respectfully ask the ownership of Chuck's music to seriously consider the release or re-release, through whatever means possible, of all Chuck Mangione albums on CD and videotaped performances on DVD with special emphasis on "Live From Wolf Trap".

In addition to petitioning the ownership for this request, we furthermore commit ourselves to supporting him by purchasing the CDs and DVDs as they become available and by encouraging fellow Mangione fans to do the same.

With respect, admiration, and grateful hearts for a lifetime of musical pleasure that he has imparted to us we willingly add our signatures to this petition.

  • All information you provide on this petition will be made public on the signatures page except for your email address.
  • You do not need to be a member of Mangione Magic to sign the petition.
  • After signing the petition you will receive a thank you email from Mangione Magic.
  • Your email will not be used for any purpose other than for validation and the above mentioned email.
  • If you have problems signing the petition please Contact Mangione Magic.
  • Mangione Magic reserves the right to edit or delete any posts it deems necessary.
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There are 1726 signatures.

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Signature #1726: Signed by Kim Sommer - Mar 13 2019 : 1:03:12 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Bloomington
State: IN
Country: United States
Free the music!!!
Signature #1725: Signed by Matthew Kravitz - Mar 07 2019 : 02:45:33 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Denham Springs
State: LA
Country: United States
It would be great to have Chuck's full catalog available again!!
Signature #1724: Signed by David Leonard Garcia - Jan 31 2019 : 11:11:21 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Bronx
State: NY
Country: USA
I want to buy these songs.
Signature #1723: Signed by Ron Diddey - Dec 23 2018 : 5:09:52 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Beaverton
State: OR
Country: USA
I would buy a copy of the Wolf Trap show for sure. I saw it as a kid, and recorded the audio on reel-to-reel (which my mom later "got rid of" when I went off to college... THAAAANKS MOMMMMMM!!!! grrrrr), and it has had a great influence on me as a musician and listener. And I STILL occasionally refer to any event as a "basketball game" because of your remarks before the intermission, Chuck. By sharing that memory with so many people, I'm afraid you're on the hook now buddy! Sorry! Yes I understand somebody has to track down the other musicians etc. but the thing is, who's the best candidate for that job: me who never even met any of them, or... somebody ah... closer to the center of it all... who could it be? Even so, I bet I could get pretty far, armed with the internet. Maybe I'll get started right now, just to eliminate that excuse. The internet's a wondrous thing for research & retrieval. I can watch every home run that won the Series for the Yanks of that era. I can find almost every weird obscure band or combo that I ever listened to. I can see you on Magnum PI for chrissakes. I can find everything but this Wolf Trap performance. Well I can find pieces of that too, but they're shall-we-say not great quality. Having a proper document of the event would bring happiness to a lot of people and stop your legacy from being one of grainy video from the very first VCRs and hissing low-pass audio with a nice 60 Hz hum... write many drone songs in just-sharp-of-B-flat do ya? Don't answer that.
Signature #1722: Signed by Frontline Saunders - Dec 15 2018 : 10:57:37 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Albany
State: New York
Country: USA
Of course I will sign this petition. My dad, the late Bill Saunders, was the bassist on the first Jazz Brothers album produced in the 1960s.
Signature #1721: Signed by David Grossman - Dec 15 2018 : 1:28:44 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Towson
State: Maryland
Country: USA
It's time to make this full concert available. What are you waiting for?
Signature #1720: Signed by Ronald Arandia - Oct 23 2018 : 9:05:17 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Arlington
State: Virginia
Country: U.S.A.
I've been a fan ever since the seventies, back home in Cochabamba - Bolivia. Great memories, we would get together with my friends in the afternoons to listening Chuck Mangione. Always grateful.
Signature #1719: Signed by Willem van Milink - Jul 20 2018 : 1:02:23 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Krimpen aan den Ijssel
State: Zh
Country: Netherlands
Really would like to be abke to download Together a new Chuck Mangione Concert ( Rochester PO).
Thank you!
Signature #1718: Signed by Edward D'Alessandro - Apr 12 2018 : 6:43:14 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Greenacres
State: FL
Country: USA
Rather than have to go to youtube to listen to Mr.Chuck Mangione I would prefer to listen to his music on fine audio devices in my home.The man is terrific.
Signature #1717: Signed by Francesca Miano - Mar 19 2018 : 09:20:37 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Astoria
State: NY
Country: USA
This music deserves to be made available again to his fans around the world.
Signature #1716: Signed by DJEMBAR KARTASASMITA - Mar 13 2018 : 4:17:14 PM Go To Top Of Page
State: DKI
Please.. please.. release the DVD, I'm longing to hear Bellavia live, this is truly one of the 'magical' song I've been waiting for. Thank you
Signature #1715: Signed by Bob King - Feb 10 2018 : 12:31:16 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Plano
State: TX
Country: United States
Best PSB special I ever witnessed.
Signature #1714: Signed by Michael Hannaford - Jan 28 2018 : 7:02:52 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Folkston
State: GA
Country: United States
DVD of Together: A New Chuck Mangione Concert
Signature #1713: Signed by MG Enad - Jan 27 2018 : 5:04:44 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Dublin
State: CA
Country: USA
I wish that previously released out-of-production titles on LP and CD were still readily available. The special music and experience of the Chuck Mangione concert I attended in the 1980's has stayed with me for all of these years. In my remaining years, I would love to experience once again these memories. represented by more of the music of Chuck Mangione's previously release material.
Signature #1712: Signed by Doris Easton - Dec 08 2017 : 12:58:59 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Germantown
State: WI
Country: USA
My vinyl is wearing out. Please release this music for my children and grandchildren. Future generations depend on it.
Signature #1711: Signed by Gregory Sparks - Oct 22 2017 : 2:10:35 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Shelbyville
State: KY
Country: USA
Spent the last hour listening to "Finest Hour." I realize I missed some really good music when Chuck was at his peak. Would like to visit those days and hear the rest of his catalog.
Signature #1710: Signed by David Murray - Oct 11 2017 : 10:05:59 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Wilmington
State: DE
Country: USA
Been recently looking high an low for CD's, DVDs, downloads and been dismayed by the lack of availability of some of Chuck Mangione's music. here are snippets/examples of some concerts that would be amazing to hear on CD or via DVD. Please make more of hi music readily available.
Signature #1709: Signed by John Mason - Oct 08 2017 : 9:50:55 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Colleyville
State: TX
Country: USA
Please, please, PLEASE; make the full library of Chuck's work available to the world. His music is magic!
Signature #1708: Signed by Cesar Bayona - Jul 13 2017 : 09:41:04 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: East Newark
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
The music composed by Chuck Magione and the musicians he selects have come up with excellent and beautiful compositions of magical music. Please release this concert in DVD form. You will see that there is a market for it. I would be the first on line.
Signature #1707: Signed by Giovanni Sudore - Apr 20 2017 : 11:32:58 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Ft. Lauderdale
State: Fl
Country: USA
Signature #1706: Signed by Michael Dechantsreiter - Mar 23 2017 : 12:41:06 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Allston
State: MA
Country: USA
Even in the days of YouTube I still prefer to have live auditions on DVD/Blu-Ray. Live performances are often so much more authentic and I most often like them better than the 'perfectly" arranged studio versions. So please make more live performances of Chuck Mangione available on DVD/Blu-Ray!
Signature #1705: Signed by Paula Gutierrez - Feb 20 2017 : 5:37:06 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Highland
Country: Usa
Chuck Mangione was a big part of my young adulthood. This CD needs to be released.
Signature #1704: Signed by Michael Vanderhule - Feb 17 2017 : 05:53:40 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: San Jose
State: California
Country: USA
Put this out so the world can share this gem of musical talent, and see what great song writing and great live performance were like, something lacking in today's world of playing to pre-recorded tracks
Signature #1703: Signed by Dorothy Kirk - Jan 17 2017 : 4:13:29 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Lawrenceville
State: GA
Country: USA
Signature #1702: Signed by Leife Martin - Nov 20 2016 : 01:30:06 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Lynn
State: MA
Country: United States
Please release Mr. Mangione's live shows. It makes me sad I may never see them.
Signature #1701: Signed by Craig Duckett - Nov 05 2016 : 5:29:55 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Mountlake Terrace
State: WA
Country: USA
Please release the Friends and Love Concert on CD or make it available for download. Thanks!
Signature #1700: Signed by mark kent - Nov 03 2016 : 08:37:59 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: houston
State: texas
Country: usa
yes i would love to see mangione come back stuff, esp Main Squeeze. My dad and i both really love it and would like to have it again.

Signature #1699: Signed by Richard Striker - Oct 16 2016 : 06:17:43 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Covington
State: Georgia
Country: USA
I have always loved Chucks music,my all time favorite go to album has
been Together and am looking to find a replacement as the one I have has been well loved over the years.
Signature #1698: Signed by Harold Kalustian - Oct 05 2016 : 03:40:32 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Roanoke
State: VA
Country: USA
If there is any of CM's Music which is being held not for Public Purchase,I also wish for its realease for those who have the Ears to Hear and the Heart to Experience. Where is Ester Satterfield singing"CHASE THE CLOUDS AWAY WITH ALL LYRICS AND CM AND BAND? Sincerely Harold Kalustian
Signature #1697: Signed by Jaime Garcia - Sep 19 2016 : 3:14:36 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Guarapuava
State: Paran�
Country: Brazil
Please let this great concert be edited in dvd format
Signature #1696: Signed by Marc Herold - Sep 10 2016 : 08:44:20 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Lemme listen to the wind again!
Signature #1695: Signed by Mark Boonie - Aug 07 2016 : 02:54:52 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Hopewell Jct
State: New York
Country: United States
Chuck Mangione's music has one of the most loyal followings of the last 50 years. Releasing his recordings on CD would be greatly appreciated and would serve to create an ever larger fan base. Additionally, it could only be a financial success, as so many fans have been waiting for years for it to become available.
Signature #1694: Signed by Edward Felton - Jul 26 2016 : 08:11:47 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Tillson
State: New York
Country: USA
Chuck Mangione live is a treasure. My 4 and 7 year old boys love it when I conduct the room to The Hill Where the Lord Hides from Friends and Love. I hope to do that with a live Bellavia version one day too.
Signature #1693: Signed by Arnie Garza - Jul 25 2016 : 03:17:08 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: San Antonio
State: TX
Country: USA

Music made in America, enjoyed world-wide; should be made available.
Signature #1692: Signed by Joanne Byrnes - Jul 02 2016 : 03:17:49 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Somers
State: NY
Country: USA
Please release Mr. Mangione's music. Mr. Chuck Mangione is a musical icon. He should be allowed to work with his previous musical pieces. These our of production titles need to be released to share with current generations and those to come. Thank you.
Signature #1691: Signed by Angelo Bizzotto - May 19 2016 : 11:49:09 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Bassano del Grappa (Vi)
Country: Italy
Chuck Mangione Quartet (Mercury, 1972) - CD is necessary...
Signature #1690: Signed by Maurice Latten - Apr 16 2016 : 03:30:41 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Sittard
State: Limburg
Country: Netherlands
I have many many music on cd but it never happend to me that a cd is dead and cannot played anymore......until the cd of "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". It is absolutely my favorite. I really really hope that the performance will be available on cd.

Even i hope to find collectors items of this concert like programm booklets,tickets and photo's from this concert. Please,who can help me with this?

Last but not least:

Maybe Chuck and his quartet including symphonic orchestra......"Back again at the Hollywood Bowl"????#128515;
Signature #1689: Signed by Cheri Gentry - Mar 09 2016 : 3:14:07 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Bremerton
State: WA - Washington
Country: United States
Would love nothing more than to have Friends & Love available on CD. A fabulous time warp back to the 70's when so much was going on in the world of Jazz, even in Bremerton, WA with the Olympic College Jazz Festival, which drew world class perfomers thanks to the genius of Ralph Mutchler.
Signature #1688: Signed by Mike Lambert - Feb 01 2016 : 1:55:54 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: New York
State: NY
Country: USA
Looking forward to being able to buy this version of this track:
Signature #1687: Signed by Joseph Laudano - Jan 09 2016 : 5:49:19 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Verona
State: New Jersey
Country: U.S.A.

He is a national treasure and his music a heavenly gift to the world.

So inspirational and beautiful, his music could end wars! There has never been before and since (he began composing and performing) such unique and creative music tat appeals to so many in so many ways. His music is MAGIC, pure and simple, and, withholding it in any form, be it video, digital, analogue, etc. is criminal!

Please, do it now!
Signature #1686: Signed by Arthur Gardner - Jan 06 2016 : 02:21:56 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Baltimore
State: MD
Country: United States
Let the music flow.
Signature #1685: Signed by AMY ANDERSEN - Dec 31 2015 : 3:18:27 PM Go To Top Of Page
State: Illinois
Country: United States
As a native of Rochester and former student at Eastman, I've loved Chuck Mangione's music for many years. All of it needs to be available for us to purchase.
Signature #1684: Signed by Mohan Datari - Dec 21 2015 : 2:04:50 PM Go To Top Of Page
Country: India

One of the greatest jazz artists ever. He never made music hard to understand and love. Not merely playing on notes to exhibit his versatility in handling the instrument, he put heart and soul in his jazz - a truly absent feature in even great artists as Miles Davis or Count Bassie or Stephen Getz or Charlie Parker. The more I hear his music the more I understand that you need the soul from an ancient civilisation to bring music out to stir souls.

Please, Please make Mangione's albums available. There is a whole generation of people out there that has no idea of what a great master Mangione is.
Signature #1683: Signed by Oscar Rend�n - Dec 19 2015 : 10:26:18 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Cuernavaca
State: Morelos
Country: Mexico
Please release a DVD with the live version of the Children of S�nchez :P (y)
Signature #1682: Signed by Christian Steininger - Nov 25 2015 : 11:27:00 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Yes!!! Please release or re-release all these images and soundtracks of my youth!
Signature #1681: Signed by William D. Bassett - Nov 22 2015 : 08:23:48 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: Thetford Center
State: Vermont
Country: USA
Lawrence Durrell said that "music is only love looking for words." It really is the only thing that can repair a damaged spirit. Silly not to release this material. Bless your heart, Chuck.
Signature #1680: Signed by Steve Abbate - Nov 10 2015 : 7:24:44 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
Country: United States
Awesome music, timeless!
Signature #1679: Signed by Marcus Kaminski - Oct 20 2015 : 6:01:05 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
I love Chuck and I want to see all of his music, please !
Signature #1678: Signed by Richard Brown - Aug 18 2015 : 11:10:12 AM Go To Top Of Page
City: jamaica
State: ny
Country: usa
Please release Chuck Mangiogne live at Wolf Trap on Dvd.
Signature #1677: Signed by John Marquez - Jul 15 2015 : 4:24:27 PM Go To Top Of Page
City: Novato
State: CA
Country: USA
I am petitioning for the release of the PBS broadcast production of "Together: A New Chuck Mangione Concert" This was originally taped 1971 in Rochester N.Y. by the Rochester Civic Music Association, Inc. for national broadcast on PBS. It's an amazing performance of Chuck Mangione's music and the virtuosity of Gerry Niewood's performance of the compositions. I've been looking forward to being able to buy a DVD of this memorable concert since it's original broadcast and hope this works. I've also seen him perform live with a full orchestra in the East Bay of San Francisco bay area.
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