The Hat's Back

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The Hat's Back

The Hat's Back

Liner Notes

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Chuck Mangione - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Piano
Steve Gadd - Drums and Percussion
Grant Geissman - Guitars
Charles Meeks - Bass
Cyro Baptista - Percussion
Rob Mathes - Keyboards and Vocals
Syn Dee Mayes - Vocal, Feel Of A Vision

  • Stuck In The Mustard

  • Slo Ro

  • Aldovio

  • DizzyMiles

  • Lullabye / Feel Of A Vision

  • Santa Nimpha

  • I've Got A Crush (On The World)

  • Fox Hunt

  • Once Upon A Love Time

Gates Music 1001-2

All music composed and arranged by Chuck Mangione

Liner Notes

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  T.I. for his wisdom and never-ending faith in me.  To Frank Paparone for services above and beyond the call of duty.  To Sara Gauzza and Gretchen Hagan for bringing life and light into the studio.  To Jeff Kievit for assembling such incredible honkers.  Howard Weiss for introducing me to Ingrid Bock, Justin DiCioccio for loving the music so much, Adam Reinhardt for introducing me to Syn Dee Mayes.  To Guy Smith for being there.  To Idonia Cannady and Sib Petix, and all my friends at The School Without Walls and the School for the Performing Arts in Rochester, New York for the inspiration.  To Susan Dewhirst and Ron Carlin for being such good friends.  To Gregorio (The Mustard Man) for carrying my horn bag at the Pavoratti party.  P.S., You're blessed to have Shari to handle your wardrobe.

To Slo Ro, Nancy, Diana, Carol, Duke, Carlo, Mary Beth, Meaghan; Jack Stevens (for tuning me up); Dell Stevens (for understanding); Jo and Fred Shank; Ernie McGowan; Nate's Brown Derby; Mama and Papa Mangione; Robert E. Smith; John Parkhurst; Fred Lewis; Christine VanRyne; Lou Marinaccio; Steve Kiener; Frank Pullara; Shari Hall Smith; Mike Cavalcanti; Northeast Production Systems; Timm DeBryune; John Hereth; J.D.; Frank and Lise, and The Cows Outside; Java Joe; Bridgitte Moss; Jack Matott; Kate Savaco; Benny Salzano; Tony Formosa; and to Jon Stoll, Mike Carr, and the entire Fantasma Staff.  And to the Zen Master, teacher and friend, John Beck.

I'm honored that Dana Carvey added his "Bellissimo" to Santa Nimpha...Isn't HE special!!

To Steve Gadd for being the heartbeat and the caretaker of my music.  Neither car wrecks, appendectomies (Duke), major surgery (Carol), Steve's infection (by the way, thanks to Dr. Riley for being there when Steve needed him most), Sara's Mom's passing (Larry Swist's lady); nor major technical problems would break his concentration on the album.  I have never met anyone, until Steve Gadd, who embraces and respects the music as much as I do.

We more than survived.  We were bless with an opportunity to make wonderful music and you guided it beautifully.

I love you Gaddzooks.

Chuck Mangione

This album is dedicated to my musical and paternal fathers--Dizzy Gillespie and Papa Mangione.

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