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Liner Notes

Chuck Mangione - Flugelhorn, Fendor Rhodes Electric Piano, Celeste
Gerry Niewood - Saxophones and Flutes
Joe LaBarbera - Drums, Roto Toms, Miscellaneous Percussion
Chip Jackson - Electric Bass

  • Come Take A Ride With Me

  • Listen To The Wind

  • Carousel

  • Bellavia

  • Dance Of The Wind Up Toy

  • Torreano

A&M Records CD 3172

All music composed and arranged by Chuck Mangione

Liner Notes

Bellavia (Bel'-la-'ve'-a) [Mother's maiden name] Literal trans.:  beautiful way.  A very fitting description of the spirit & feeling that pour from her.  My mother has always been an inexhaustible natural resource of warmth, love and giving, and (like the fantastic meals she prepares) there's always plenty available for whoever wishes to partake - with an extra helping reserved for her children and grandchildren.  She grooves behind seeing others having a good time.  Sensitive, lovely, wise, gentle, patient, religious come to mind when I think of her.

Mangione (Man-ge'-oh-ne) [Father's name] Literal trans.:  big eater.  An appropriate description of my father's limitless appetite for life.  He has the incredible physical endurance necessary to complement his aggressive, youthful spirit.  His approach to retirement has all the restraint of a young colt.  He definitely enjoys life.  Handsome, proud, adventurous, enthusiastic, fiery are good synonyms for him.

Together they created a naturally loose and warm everybody-feel-good environment.  Our door was always open and my friends, most of whom were musicians, knew they were always welcome.  So sessions happened almost daily in our living room.  My father would be in his grocery store (attached to the house) beaming as he told each customer who was making the music.  I remember the day the breadman asked my father, "How many loaves of bread do you want today?" "How many of my sons' records do you want to buy?" was his quick casual reply.  In the kitchen my mother would be filling the house with the aroma of something delicious for everyone when we stopped playing.

Bellavia is a song I found in me that feels like my mother.  It's my Mother's Day gift to her.  In fact, all the music in this album is seasoned with a spirit much like the festive feelings that have touched everyone who has known my parents.  Since I find it impossible (although they wouldn't) to have you travel to their home for Mom's spaghetti sauce and Dad's home-made Italian sausage, I offer instead this music as a way of introducing them to you.  Perhaps, as you listen, your own carousel or gondola will take you on a ride that stops at their doorstep.  It's the nicest place I know.

Chuck Mangione

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